Next Year….Now….Simply

We’re almost there.  Next year.  And, like many, I’m thinking of next year….now.  New Year’s resolutions abound everywhere. They are ubiquitous. Naturally.  The flip of the calendar from one year to the next has a way of doing that to most of us, me included.  It’s symbolic – out with the old, in with the new.  A fresh start.  A clean slate.  I didn’t publish resolutions last year; I kept them in my head, but I haven’t kept them.  Naturally.  At least, that is natural for me.  I start the year with good intentions.  Gung ho.  Brimming with vim and vigor.  Or maybe it’s piss and vinegar.  Anyway, I start the year with hope – hope that I’ll keep my resolutions.  Hope that I’ll change, that I’ll improve, that I’ll start, that I’ll stop.  “Hope,” as Emily Dickinson writes, “is the thing with feathers.” Hmmm.  It always seems to flit away – that hope – taking my resolutions with it.

I’m not sure why I have trouble keeping resolutions.  Maybe they’re too specific.  Or too broad.  Or too ambitious.  Or maybe I’m just lazy and unmotivated and undisciplined.  Maybe.

Thoreau (one of my favorites) advocates that we “Simplify! Simplify!”  I’m going to take his admonition to heart this year.

That’s my resolution.


2 thoughts on “Next Year….Now….Simply

  1. My best friend and I sat together and worked on our “To do/goal” list. We decided to rename it from resolutions! That, and, I think in having our convos with her, my list on there consists of things that WILL get done, instead of just the things that I want to get done. We put our lists on a Googledoc… and made a pact that both of us will revisit it, and hold our feet to the fire, if need be. I think, without the extra help and camaraderie, my list would not nearly be as…ambitious! In the past, I have broken down resolutions, and that seems to help. For instance, I wanted to run a marathon, but because I nearly tore my knee in the process, I am happy with hitting the 10 mile mark on that.

    Anyways, best of luck to you and the new year!

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