“Take advantage of your free time when you still have it…” Wise words from #MrsTrottersAPENG11 student to her middle school self.

Letters to Kelley


“What are your hobbies?”

That’s probably one of most often heard questions during your childhood, or even now. That’s because your answer allows the person who asked to receive a brief glimpse of your life or what you’re like as a person. For example, if you like spending your time reading books, you may be seen as a more quiet and reserved person, whereas if you enjoy engaging in theatre performances, you may be viewed as a lively and confident person. Or maybe you’re equally fond of reading AND theatre, then you could be both placid and boisterous depending the situation you’re in.

That said, whatever it is you love doing, you should do more of it. 

That sounds like a counterintuitive statement because if you love doing something, you would naturally do it, right? Yet more often than not, people look back in their lives and wish that they had spent more time doing this, this or…

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