Educator. Reader. Writer. Lifelong Learner. Traveler. Unapologetic Liberal.

The world is my oyster.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog!

This is the place where I want to explore all sorts of thoughts – thoughts that flit into my mind and right back out again unless I purposefully stop and think about them.  They deserve rumination.  These thoughts are not necessarily deep or profound, although some might be.   They’re thoughts that have struck me for one reason or another:  maybe they’re mundane, simple things that, because of the busyness of our modern lives, we either disregard or don’t even take notice of at all; maybe they’re complicated and require a slow, methodical turning over and over; maybe they’re controversial and need to be explored; maybe they’re just plain silly and thinking about them might add some levity or brighten a dull day or amuse or entertain.  Maybe they need to be savored, to be tested, to be considered, to be thought about beyond a mere flitting through my mind.

Sometimes I carry on quite the conversation with myself about these thoughts.  With this blog, I’m inviting you to ruminate along with me.




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