Patio Postings – Ahhhhhh

Summer is almost upon us.  It’s a glorious Sunday morning of a long Memorial Day weekend.  The sun is shining; the birds are singing; the breeze is soft and gentle and refreshing.  I’m sitting on the patio.  Bare feet.  Coffee.  Solitude.  Laziness.

I’m sore this morning:  a day of yardwork yesterday, ridding the patio of those pesky weeds that grow up between the pavers, has left my lower back and legs hurting.  I’m sure tomorrow I’ll feel it even more; it’s always that way:  the second day after is rough.  But today, the work is done, and I’m sitting on the patio, appreciating the weed-free environment.  I hope this is the first in a string of patio postings this summer.  After a winter of polar vortexes, windchill warnings, snow days, and altogether nastiness, I intend to spend as much time out of doors as I can.

Normally, my summer is spent camping, and while I will get to go camping this summer, I won’t be camping as much as usual.  But, I have the patio.  I have two big trees that shade the patio.  I have soft green grass (at least it’s soft and green now) to walk through bare footed.  I have the sweet song of a myriad of birds.  I also have the whir and whiz of the neighbors’ air conditioners (my own windows are wide open to the fresh breeze), but I’ll tune that out.  More pleasant sounds abound:  I can hear the cheers from the nearby baseball fields and the buzz of lawnmowers.  Soon the scent of newly cut grass will waft my way.  Lovely.  After the altogether nastiness of winter, this is altogether lovely.  And, I intend to bask in it.